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Written Client Testimonials

"My Life Changed for the Better!" 

I reached out to Odysseus when I was at an all time low in my life. Going through a severe heartbreak is never easy to overcome. Each session I had with him made me rethink my outlook on myself and life. I had to completely change my actions and thoughts in order to get through my depression. My life changed for the better and in me doing the work that he  taught me I in return can now say that I am a much happier person. I am stronger in so many ways. I currently am in a healthy relationship. However, If I have anything that comes up that triggers past issues I resort to what he taught me. The breathing exercises work wonders! If anyone is going through any self hardships I recommend working with Odysseus. He was a huge help to my path to happiness!


 "An integral part of helping me, my family, and employees perform at their best."

If you are a business owner who is struggling to maintain your wellness or have a team of employees who need support, I highly recommend Odysseus Andrianos. His speeches, wellness challenges, and coaching programs have been an integral part of helping me, my family, and employees perform at their best. He is passionately dedicated to supporting his clients and guiding them on their journey to improved performance. 

-Leslie CEO WBE Electric

"Tangible Results While Reaching Your Highest Potential.”

Odysseus offers an impactful ground up course for making real & practical changes in your life. If you simply follow what Ody clearly lays out you will find yourself unsticking real issues that are stopping you from reaching your personal goals. He is kind, confident, incredibly knowledgeable, and focused on helping you get tangible results while reaching your highest potential.

-Curtis Weins

Testimonials: Testimonials
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