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Beginning your Odyssey...

What is Shadow Work? 🤔

September 2021

Shadow work is the healers path we all must walk to move the world from a trauma based society, to a trauma informed society. It's essentially making the unconscious... Conscious. The repressed, suppressed, or denied emotions lurking below the surface in peoples minds running our lives from the unconscious realm. When we acknowledge them, access them, negotiate with them, and integrate them... IT SETS US FREE!

The 3 Dantians of Taoist Healing... ☯️

September 2021

The three Jewels or Treasures of Chinese medicine are known as the 3 Dantians... Jing, Qi, and Shen. When we develop the skill set to cultivate our qi we conserve our Jing and amplify our Shen which allows us to connect with our highest self or our soul/spirit. We cultivate our qi through our diet, breath, sleep, and how we manage our emotions. Managing our emtions keeps us from burning up our Jing and illuminate the darkness in our life which is how Taoist healing relates to Shadow work.

We Live in an Unconscious Society... 🤯

September 2021

We are living in a trauma based society... the goal of shadow work is to access our unconscious wounds, pain, and repressed emotions so we can move to a trauma informed society. This is how we heal the planet, by healing ourselves first. Facing our shadow, integrating our shadow, and awakening us to our divine potential. This allows us to becomem our most authentic selves because our unconscious is NOT running our lives.

Healing Tools: News and Tips
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