EMT: Emotional Mastery Tribe

Group Coaching Program

Welcome to the Emotional Mastery Tribe, the goal for this program is to build a community of healers working together to heal themselves and the planet. In this group we'll give you the tools, guidance, accountability, and support you need on your journey to emotional mastery. We'll also teach you how to share these tools to support others once you've integrated them into your own life. 

The program consists of weekly (hour and half) calls in a group setting (on zoom) where you can share what's coming up for you and get the feedback you need to get through whatever you feel is holding you back. 

Each week we will have a new topic (topics listed below), to help you develop your emotional IQ, cultivate a tool chest of skills to achieve self mastery, and most importantly become your own healer. 

We have limited space in this group and you must do an introductory session with Odysseus to see if you are a good fit for the program so setup an appointment asap to get full details and apply to join. 

Group Calls are @ Noon (Pacific Time) 


$300/Mon or $210/Mon (multiple months)

Some example topics we will discuss include...

-Shadow Work

-Neuro Linguistic Programming

-Taoist Healing

-Chinese Face Reading

-Hermetic Principles

-The Trivium Method of Learning