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Nature Retreats

Private & Semi Private Retreats


Cloverdale, CA

Private Retreats: About Me

Join us for an Epic Adventure

When was the last time you completely unplugged from society, really took a break from your phone, and did a serious technology detox?

Well you can immerse your self in nature with a private or semiprivate retreat in Cloverdale, CA. We guide you on a range of hikes into nature to do some deep meditation, nature bathing, and breath work. Enjoy some lovely meals on the deck overlooking the valley, get back in the rhythm of life playing music around the campfire, and immerse yourself in the beauty of the wilderness as you reconnect your body and mind to your soul. 

We have limited space for these retreats and you must sign up at least two months ahead. The retreat includes all expenses except for your travel cost to arrive at the location. Please message us for more details. 

Private Retreats: Welcome

Retreat Activities:

Our retreats are "CUSTOM" which means you get to choose your experience. Below is a list of activities to pick from:



Breath work 

Fitness Workouts

Tai Chi

Sound Healing


Forest Bathing 


Sun gazing 

Grounding Exercises 



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