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~Shadow Awakening~

"The Dawn of Human Potential"

My book was recently published and you can get a taste of what I teach with this masterpiece. Begin your journey to a better life and awakening your shadow. This is not just a book but a workbook that guides you, supports you, and has all the tools you need for connecting with your highest self. If your are ready to dive into the work then this is a great place to start. 

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What is Odyssey Mentorship?

Welcome to the Odyssey, this is the beginning of your journey into self discovery to become the person you were always meant to be and manifest the life you’ve always deserved to live. This website offers a range of complimentary tools to start your Odyssey into self discovery, self realization, and self actualization. We also provide you with the opportunity to join our online group coaching programs, DIY (do it yourself) video courses, or to work one on one with Odysseus if you feel called to do so. 

The world we live in today is operating from a state of SLEEP, over medicating, over stimulated, over working, undernourished, craving wisdom, lacking deep healing, while living in what appears to be a draught of authenticity, empathy, and more than anything lacking compassion. I’m not mentioning this because I think it’s a “bad” thing, it’s actually a massive opportunity to transmute the negative into the positive and heal in ways we likely never could have imagined. A battery has both negative and positive sides so all we need to do is create the polarity to shift things so we can power up our lives with the repressed energy we call “negative.” 

The challenge is that many people are living their lives from an unconscious state of awareness that keeps them in a loop of self sabotage, with limiting beliefs that causes them to keep attracting the same relationships, experiences, and deep childhood traumas running their lives from below the surface in their minds. Much of this can be changed, but it takes support, guidance, and accountability to stay on the path to recreate our lives. This is why this website exists, to help you kick start your life and begin your journey  with the world class support you deserve to shift your internal energy allowing you to magnetize the life you were always meant to discover within yourself. 

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~About Me~

Trusted Coaching Professional

Odysseus began his journey 20 years ago as a fitness/life coach. He holds a degree from San Diego State University in Kinesiology- emphasizing fitness, nutrition, and health, as well as multiple certifications in physical and group training. He's helped 1,000’s of men and women across the world get into the best shape of their lives with fitness, diet, and lifestyle programs that have reshaped people’s world from the inside out. 

He built his own custom coaching facility at the age of 24 which he ran for 11 years in Novato, CA  and eventually opened a  2nd private corporate facility with one of the largest female owned corporations in the SF Bay Area, WBE Electric a $130M/year corporation. He attributes much of his success to being exposed to many of Hollywood's elite coaches as a child behind the scenes on movie and TV sets. 

He realized early in his career that simply eating healthy and exercising were not enough to overcome internal barriers and began incorporating mindset, emotional mastery, and shadow work coaching into his practice to cultivate the programs he uses today to help people get to the root of their problems. 

Providing the tools to access "core conflicts," of our problems allows people to dig up the "old" stories of their past, and plant new seeds to create the life they have always deserved, but may have never thought possible. 

His favorite part of coaching is sharing with others the tools for what is known in Japanese as “Satori,” a sudden moment of enlightenment. He believes that by simply engaging in, and maintaining a consistent practice, anyone can come to a space of deep inner knowing and cultivate what he calls a connection to their higher self. 

His long term goals include developing a tribe of healers, a retreat center, leading vision quests, and creating spaces in nature for others to cultivate deep inner healing through a blend of both Eastern and Western practices of psychology, medicine, alchemy, and ancient wisdom.

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"Our emotions are a super power, when we acknowledge our wounds we can heal our emotional pain which will remove our internal blocks, and unleash our true potential."

-Odysseus Andrianos 

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Introductory Consultation

Want to hear more about how I can transform your life? Contact me today to schedule a complimentary session.


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